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[BKARTS] Re:       Visit to Ireland

Dear Jackie:

How lovely that you are going to Ireland. If this is your first time, I've
never heard of a person who didn't love it. Even in November which might be
rather cold and rainy = you will need thermal underwear and a good warm raincoat
with a hood! Actually, the weather can be a surprise. I always go expecting
rain but this year I was over for 3 weeks (end of May to mid June) and was
agreeably surprised with many more sunny days than wet ones. The skies are always so
beautiful, the clouds fly by blown by the Atlantic winds so gray and rain can
often turn miraculously into deep blue wit white puffy clouds.
I would be glad to suggest a few places that I enjoyed, if you can give me an
idea of the following:
How long do you expect to be in Ireland? Will you be driving yourself?
Besides books, what are you most interested in? Scenery, antiquities (old - mostly
ruined   - castles and Abbeys). Museums - which would be mostly in Dublin. We
have not been to since our first trip in 1987 since I prefer the countryside
and Dublin has developed a reputation for crime. especially theft from tourists.

Galway, on the other hand, is a smaller and friendlier city and the one place
I can recommend to all book people is Kennys' Book Shop, famous all over
Ireland and all over the world too. Besides being a book shop they have an Art
Gallery, Antiquarian books as well as new ones and they also send out over 1,000
book packages a couple of times a years to people all over the world. You just
tell them what you are interested in and give them a top sum that you would
pay and, twice a year you receive a lovely surprise in the mail. Of course, if
there are books that you are not interested in, they can be returned - though
I seldom find that I have to return any.

The streets of the "old town" of Galway has been made into a pedestrian mall
with lots of little interesting shops and places to eat, etc.

As you can see, I do love Ireland, have done a couple of miniature books on
the subject and hope to get back again next year.

If you have any specific questions you would like to ask I would be very glad
to answer any that I can

with best wishes,

Jane Conneen
The Little Farm Press

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