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[BKARTS] What's In A Name?

In her message on the thread about the "stroke" book question, Susan Gaylord

> I often teach this style of book. . . .  I call it a "hot dog booklet" . .
> . .In
> education books, I have heard the form referred to as a poof book.

Like Susan, I often teach this book to kids.  I call it an origami book
because I first learned the form from one of Paul Johnson's books and he calls it
an origami book.  Perhaps the book is not "true" origami because it involves
cutting, but I've seen a number of origami models that involve cutting, so I'm
inclined to feel that cutting is allowed.

Whether or not it is true origami, this book form has the same appeal to kids
that origami does.  They love the way some folding and manipulation turns a
piece of paper into something new almost like magic.  Many kids are fascinated
by origami and want to learn how to do it.  When I tell kids that I'm going to
teach them how to make an origami book, it gets their attention because of
their interest in origami.

As Susan notes (and Paul Johnson describes at length in his books) this is a
form that is wonderfully practical and flexible in a classroom.  It is simple
enough to teach to first graders and can be adapted to many content ideas.  It
can include simple pop ups, and can easily have a card stock cover added.
Made from a 12 x 18 sheet, it makes a book that is big enough to feel like a
"real" book to kids, and gives enough space for kids who have a lot to write, but
not so much space to overwhelm kids who have little to write.

Sally Canzoneri

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