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[BKARTS] Type/Fonts is subject of graphics mag

Since there has been discussion of late about both fonts and how
various software applications handle them, some on the list may be
interested in the current issue of Dynamic Graphics magazine
(published in the USA).

The Aug/Sept issue is all about fonts. Page 30 includes a layman's
explanation of the Type 1, TrueType and OpenType font formats. (The
paragraphs about OpenType echoes what has been posted on this list
about this format and its robust features.) The issue is full of ads
for web sites to buy and learn about computer fonts.

I have subscribed to this magazine for a few years and think of it as
"graphic design lite." One schooled in graphic design will find the
articles elementary; those of us called upon to perform graphic
design without formal training might find some issues useful.

The magazine's web site for more information is below. Unfortunately,
there are no articles posted on the site, so if interested you'll
have to go to the magazine rack and flip through the issue to see if
it's worth your dollar.


Julie Sullivan

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