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Re: [BKARTS] Indesign Vs Pagemaker

I tested out InDesign 1.5. It had no way of using OLE program applets such
as an equation editor, spreadsheet, etc. Also from what I understood there
was no equation editor and such like extras available from Adobe or 3rd
parties at that time. I couldn't figure out how any book or magazine
publisher could use the thing. I mean, don't most publishers do some
textbooks from time to time. I was completely shocked at the lack of
features when I tested version 1.5. At least Pagemaker could do these
things. So has InDesign added some of these capabilities in version 2?

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Ben Wiens Energy Science Inc.
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-----Original Message-----
I work with both on a day to day basis, and feel that Pagemaker is a toy
next to Indesign.

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