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Re: [BKARTS] Publishers and composition/layout programs

on 7/30/03 12:01 AM, Katy German at katygerman@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Different publishers publish different books


To me, projects are usually either design-intensive or data-intensive.
InDesign is suitable for projects that require intensive control of
typography design, as well as great facility in handling imported graphics.
It's not suitable for long, highly-structured documents, as it offers only
the most limited numbering and cross-referencing tools.

If you have a project that requires extensive footnotes, paragraph and
section numbering, cross-referencing, live spreadsheets and other
data-intensive elements, you need either Ventura or Framemaker, but the
typography controls are not as rich as those that InDesign offers,
principally because they do not support extended OpenType features.

I believe that there are other high-end programs (at one time Interleaf was
a major name), but I am not familiar with the field, nor do I know anything
about Quark or Tex.

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