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Re: [BKARTS] Publishers and composition/layout programs

> If you are doing hardside
> publishing, your composition house (publishers also no longer
> have compositors in-house) does not use either Quark or
> InDesign - though as a Production Editor for the "softside"
> Counseling discipline, the names of those programs that *are*
> used do not immediately come to mind. I can provide those
> names tomorrow, if we all want to continue this interesting
> discussion (I hope Peter doesn't mind that we're not talking
> bookarts here!)

Dear listmembers,

Having spent quite a large part of my life creating technical
documentation for a multinational company, I would say these probably
include (in no particular order):

- Adobe Framemaker; http://www.adobe.com
- Corel's VENTURA; http://www.corel.com
- Corel's XMetal; http://www.corel.com
- The Penta suite (currently out of business)
- Xyvision's XPP; http://www.xyvision.com
- Datalogics's DL Formatter, DL Pager, DL Composer;
- Advent's 3B2; http://www.3b2.com
- Miramo's different solutions; http://www.miramo.com
- Miles 33's Oasys and Genera; http://www.miles33.co.uk
- Broadvision's different applications (formerly Interleaf);
- Arbortext's Epic Editor etc; http://www.arbortext.com/
- TeX (still used by quite many scholarly publishers):
- Any XML editor combined with one of the three major XSL-FO engines:
The Open source FOP http://xml.apache.org/fop/; RenderX's XEP
http://www.renderx.com/, Antenna House's XSL Formatter
- Any SGML editor combined with a DSSSL style language implementation;
- Any SGML editor combined with FOSI for the formatting;

All the best,
Mats Broberg

Stockholm - Sweden

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