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Re: [BKARTS] Publishers and composition/layout programs

Well, I got an earful today from my comp buyer. Apparently all of our math and chem lists are done in Quark using the PowerMath XTention.

As for the Popular Science and Scientific American scenarios: no one would move the magazines into a program that couldn't generate the formulae, etc., they need to print. They are done in whatever will work for them. I assume that's Quark, as that is the industry standard. They can afford the US$650 for PowerMath.


Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 09:47:34 -0700
From: Ben Wiens
Subject: Re: Publishers and composition/layout programs

Katy, thanks for the inside information on the publishing business.

Jules and Katy, I do find it interesting that book and magazine publishers
could live with programs that are so specific. For example say Popular
Science was moved over to InDesign, because of rich layout features, but
would have to kiss goodbye to even putting in a single formulae in the
magazine. What would Scientific American need to be published on, an old
copy of Pagemaker?

Think of the poor authors who not only go looking for a publisher, but
someone who works with a program that can produce their books.

Then there is the problem of printing houses. Some won't accept PDFs in
color, and only work with InDesign, QuarkXPress, or Pagemaker for color
material. So now it's a job to look for a printer who can even accept color
from Ventura or Pagemaker.

Now I know a local desktop publishing person who could format color work in
QuarkXPress, but he and most others don't have the equation editor module
because it is too expensive. So that is not going to work for me in most

Work Processing programs like Word and Wordperfect have had many OLE
features such as equation editors because these are needed by a reasonable
number of people. I can't understand why desktop publishing programs like to
have less major features than word processing programs. That is why many
people keep using word processing programs when they should really be using
desktop publishing programs.

Ben Wiens

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