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Re: [BKARTS] Publishers and composition/layout programs

Katy, thanks for the information. Now that's just plain sinful to have a
PowerMath extension costing US$650 for QuarkXPress just to do some formulas.
Why? Well you might think that there are big composition houses that do the
work for all textbooks and more technical publications, what you call
hardside publishing. They can afford the extensions. Actually more and more
publications like books are composed by the authors themselves.

I know a local technical book author who sends all his material to the
publisher in Ventura format, the final format and ready for printing.
Another one sends the publisher the final format in Pagemaker. I recently
talked to an editor of a major publishing company and they want the drawings
and text in ready to print format. Having to spend $1000s of dollars for
extensions is just a bit too much out of line for most authors.

Authors then use cheaper programs that are not compatible with the large
publishing houses, and soon everyone is tearing their hair out. It's the
same problem I had when I used Computer Aided Design programs extensively in
my work. Try to find a client who needs my expertise and who uses the same
CAD program. Rarely happens. It's the Tower of Babel problem all over again.
Publishing to PDF has solved part of the problem, but publishing houses like
to have the Quark or Pagemaker files to be able to make certain changes and
corrections. It's printers that are accepting PDF files.

Ben Wiens...applied energy scientist
Ben Wiens Energy Science Inc.
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Energy Website: http://www.benwiens.com

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Well, I got an earful today from my comp buyer. Apparently all of our math
and chem lists are done in Quark using the PowerMath XTention.

As for the Popular Science and Scientific American scenarios: no one would
move the magazines into a program that couldn't generate the formulae, etc.,
they need to print. They are done in whatever will work for them. I assume
that's Quark, as that is the industry standard. They can afford the US$650
for PowerMath.


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