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Re: [BKARTS] looking for advice: finding the right venues

Rhonda's suggestions are right on. I also began to pursue my passion for
paper arts and book arts full time a few years ago after years in corporate
life. In addition to membership in book arts societies and submitting work
to juried calls I have also taken classes from some well known book
artists. What I've noticed is that these same artists are able to sell
their work for $100 or more. They have their work in national and
international collections and exhibits and have the reputation to command
these prices.

As an emerging (versus "established") artist I have learned that I must
price my work at a level that will be attractive to the customer.  The
customer is not buying my name - yet. He or she is only buy the paper or
book or box and may not even think of it as "art." I feel successful if my
work is selling and I am recovering the cost of my material. My goal is not
to earn a living by selling my work, but to gain experience and recognition
as my work evolves.

One other suggestion for learning and exposure is to apply to the Paper and
Book Intensive's annual two week program. There you will meet many
wonderful talented people and have the opportunity for intensive learning
in several areas of book and paper arts. Their web site is
www.paperbookintensive.org. The program is held annually every spring. Best
of luck.

> [Original Message]
> From: Rhonda Gushee <gusheerg@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: <BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: 07/31/2003 8:50:43 AM
> Subject: Re: looking for advice: finding the right venues
> Hello, Leah
> Contact your local (or regional) book arts society for support, along
> with the big book arts centers....not to leave any out, but New York
> City Center for Book Arts, Minneapolis, Chicago, etc......the ones
> that have calls for entries.  Enter your work in juried
> shows...........show your work to your area's major public libraries
> and donate and then sell to their book art collection. If they don't
> have one, help get one started.  Offer to give slide presentations,
> along with examples of your books as a visiting artist.  There is
> also the Women's Studio Workshop where  you can make your work in an
> artist residency, or even get a grant from them to work in your own
> studio........if you Google search for them and others (such as
> WomanMade in Chicago), you can find a lot of places that show and
> sell work.  Also local galleries can start showing your work and
> hopefully selling some to collectors.  This obviously all takes time
> and a major investment from you.
> Hope these disjointed thoughts help,
> Rhonda
> Milford, Ohio
> >I have been making collages and book art most of my life, but it's only
> >in the past year that I have begun to pursue it almost full time. I am
> >now trying to find the right venues to show and hopefully sell work, but
> >am finding it daunting.
> >
> >What I've done recently:
> >This past month I completed a new book of mixed media collages,
> >exploring the memory of travel, in this case a child's trip to the
> >seacoast. I start by photographing the experiences and then use digital
> >printouts of these images to begin a series of mixed-media collages. The
> >books in this edition of ten are all based on the same digital prints,
> >but are collaged and painted individually. Images of this new book can
> >be viewed at: http://www.iwasonce.com/books.html
> >
> >In order to make some of the books more affordable, I'm considering a
> >"regular" edition of my books, that would fall in the $200-300 range,
> >made with high quality digital prints rather than original hand painted
> >and collaged images. But then it feels like I'm getting further and
> >further away from the making of the images - the part I truly love.
> >
> >Finally, I've donated a custom book to a local public radio auction
> >http://www.nprauction.wgbh.org/. I'm offering to make a book similar to
> >the one on my site, but about a location/event/subject of the bidder's
> >choice. I'm starting to think I may be crazy though.
> >
> >Here's what I'm looking for:
> >How have other book artists found the right audience? Where did you
> >start? Are there resources that you would recommend? Any feedback/advice
> >would be greatly appreciated.
> >
> >Thank you so much.
> >
> >- Leah
> >
> >120 franklin st #3
> >brookline, ma 02445
> >http:www.iwasonce.com

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