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Announcing a 12-week UCLA Extension class taught by Kitty Maryatt:

The Book as Art: Concept, Development, and Execution

A conventional book is a complex, movable, information package; an artist’s
book is all that and more: a self-conscious interaction with the concept and
structure of the book. In this class you will learn how and when and why a book
is art, develop an understanding of book art, and make artist’s books that
resonate with that understanding.

There will be an overview of the current book art scene with targeted
readings to help you to grasp the reach of this vast, popular field. There will be
hands-on work and continual discussions on the aesthetics of artist’s books.
First we will conceive and develop a book project together in order to face as a
team the twenty major decisions involved in making an artist’s book. The
textual structure, visual structure and binding structure of an artist’s book are
interrelated and will be carefully explored. Production methods will be
thoroughly discussed and demonstrated. The creation of a budget and final marketing
and distribution of the book are integral to the process.

With your decisions list as an infrastructure, your next goal will be to
select from several genres of book art to concentrate on your individual project,
which might be either a one-of-a-kind or multiples. There will be ongoing
presentations and critiques as you develop your ideas. You will come out of this
class with a greater appreciation of book art and with a deeper understanding
of what it takes to create any work of art.

Recommended prerequisite: Handmade Book Structures

Biography: Kitty Maryatt, MFA, is Assistant Professor of Art at Scripps
College and Director of the Scripps College Press in Claremont, CA. She has
developed 34 limited edition artist’s books with her students at Scripps College
Press in the past 17 years. She creates book art and accepts clients with bookish
needs at her studio, Two Hands Press, in Woodland Hills.

The class will meet on Tuesday nights from 6:30 to 9:30 at the UCLA Westwood
campus in room 210. Course number is X479.79E and is an elective in the
graphic design curriculum. Cost of the class is $490. Contact UCLA Extension at
(310) 206-1422 or Kitty Maryatt at TwoHandsPr@xxxxxxxx

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