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Re: [BKARTS] Publishers and composition/layout programs

Mark, actually not enough folks are willing to pay the US$650 for Quark's
formulae extension. That is the problem. That means it would be incredibly
hard to find a small publisher or someone to do desktop publishing for me if
I required it. So I have to do my own desktop publishing. It's a free world
and I can choose to use the cheaper Corel Ventura which is basically just as
powerful. It comes with an equation editor as Jules pointed out and all
kinds of other goodies at a total cost of just the QuarkXPress equation
editor. That is what I use. But it's a free world and so what's the problem?
Well for one it would be hard to find a printing house to do color printing
for me.

Capitalist society has always been plagued by trying to stay within two
sensible boundaries. On one hand we allow the start of small monopolies.
Monopolies tend to standardize things in which case everyone is using the
same software, floppy disk, or CDR. That means I am more likely to use the
same software that you do. On the other hand monopolies can raise the price
of goods to the point where only the large corporations or experts can
afford them. I don't do desktop publishing 100% of the time like some
businesses do. United States has had some bad brushes with monopolies in the
early part of the 1900s. Large corporations were making it almost impossible
to run a small business. That's why they introduced some pretty stiff anti
monopoly acts.

In a free society, we like to give people reasonable options to work
independently. Forcing people to use specialized expensive software works
against people working independently, especially those working in
multifaceted fields which require them to dabble in many things.

Text standards like XML, HTML, PDF, and drawing standards like DXF were
developed as a partial way out such strangleholds. They help but don't solve
all the problems however.

Ben Wiens...applied energy scientist
Ben Wiens Energy Science Inc.
8-1200 Brunette Ave. Coquitlam BC V3K1G3 Canada
Energy Website: http://www.benwiens.com

-----Original Message-----
Why is it sinful? Can you not earn that much money (plus profit) by
publishing your formulas? Why can other folks, but not you?

I'm not exactly capitalism's biggest fan, but even I can answer the question
of why Quark's formula extension costs $650--because enough folks are
willing to pay it.

Is there a better way of determining software prices?

Mark Wilden

-----Original Message-----
Ventura has a very powerful equation function.

Jules Siegel

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