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[BKARTS] For Art Museum fans ...

>From the Research Buzz newletter: http://www.researchbuzz.com/  ... Laurie


** Scheduled Art Exhibits Around the World 

If you're trying to find art exhibits around the world, 
check out ExCalendar at http://www.excalendar.net/ . It's 
"The Official Exhibition Calendar of the World's Leading Art 

>From the front page you'll see a simple keyword search. From 
there you can enter a city name, exhibition title, artist 
name, or simple keyword. Enter a keyword and wait for a few 
seconds (the search is a little slow) and you'll get a table 
with exhibition titles, museum name, location, and start and 
end dates (some exhibits don't have end dates.) Some of the 
exhibit titles are clickable, leading to additional 
(extensive) information about the exhibit and its artist. 
All the museum names I saw were clickable, leading to 
additional information about them. 

If you're not getting the information you want from that 
search, try the power search, which allows you to narrow 
your search by city, museum, run dates, and keyword. You 
also have the option, with the power search, to search for 
closed exhibits so you can see what you missed. 

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