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Re: [BKARTS] Comp and layout programs

From: "Katy German" <katygerman@xxxxxxxxx>

> Mark, I hope you are being facetious.

No, when I'm trying to be witty and funny, I'm much funnier and wittier. :)

> Those "folks" in this case are incorporated companies who take on dozens,
if not hundreds, of
> book projects for publishing houses.

My point was simply that Quark makes money from their pricing scheme. Who
are we to argue with that, much less ascribe evil to the practice?

> I would have thought that a subscriber to this list would have a smidge of
sympathy (or at least a
> tad of empathy) for a self-publisher.

Sympathy and/or empathy, sure. But realism is more useful--at least, it is
to me.

Let's say you have to gross $100K to make a living at this sort of stuff
(very rough figure). How much is $650, if that's the best solution to your
equationing needs??

> Man, this has gone way off-topic. If the baby weren't crying, I'd hunt for
a bookarts-related bit to throw in here...

This is quite bookly-artsy! Folks have to make a living.

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