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[BKARTS] Starburst Shortcut?

I'm planning a book and am thinking of using what I call the
"starburst" structure, ie, a series of square pcs of paper folded to
form a diamond that opens up, each adhered to the next one, about
12-14 in all in my book. The pages will be letterpress printed on text
weight stock so that they fold and group without too much bulk (I
hope). I like this structure for the concept of the book, but when I think
about putting an edition of these (ie 30-50) together, it seems like it
will be quite an assembly nightmare.

Has anyone used this structure for an editioned book, and if so, do
you know of any shortcuts to assembly that will make it not quite so
labor intensive? I'm also trying to keep the cost of the book low.

Katie Harper

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