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Re: [BKARTS] Non-Equation Questions

I use a material called 'leather grease', or 'leder grise' as it is a
german product for the leather shoes. It is not easy to find, but it works
better on shoes than anything else I have found, mind you I am using it for
motorcycle boots, which do need to be as waterproof as you can get. It does
also seem to maintain the leather well, and you can polish over it too.
I have never tried it on book leather.


At 05:39 01/08/03 -0700, you wrote:
Can glassine be used to be the backing ironed to something like Wunder
Under and cloth?

If one shouldn't use Saddle Soap to clean leather shoes, what should one use?

Does anyone know if Nepalese Hand-dyed Tan/Black paper is neutral
pH?  Artpaper.com says it's 100% lokta fiber.

Kathy Wolford, Mineral Springs, Pa., kathleenwolford@xxxxxxxxx

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