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Re: [BKARTS] Starburst Shortcut?


I published Tom Leech's letters from Tibet a couple of years ago in this
structure. "Lhasa Blues" was printed on my Epson 850 in an edition of 55 on
handmade Tibetan paper and Lokta. I put forematter and aftermatter in a
single sewn section and in between, after folding, put the diagonal
squares. As I remember, it was simply a case of glueing one square at a
time, straight ahead. I used a long table and stacked the  pages in a row
in order. Then I just picked up one at a time and glued it to the one
before. You'll need a long space to collate and glue on, that's all. It
does tend to make a chunky text block because of the folding of each page,
but that was part of my design.

The book isn't up on my website any more, since it's long out of print, but
I can send you a pic if you wish.

Patrice Baldwin

At 09:40 AM 08/01/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm planning a book and am thinking of using what I call the
>"starburst" structure, ie, a series of square pcs of paper folded to
>form a diamond that opens up, each adhered to the next one, about
>12-14 in all in my book. The pages will be letterpress printed on text
>weight stock so that they fold and group without too much bulk (I
>hope). I like this structure for the concept of the book, but when I think
>about putting an edition of these (ie 30-50) together, it seems like it
>will be quite an assembly nightmare.
>Has anyone used this structure for an editioned book, and if so, do
>you know of any shortcuts to assembly that will make it not quite so
>labor intensive? I'm also trying to keep the cost of the book low.
>Katie Harper

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