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Re: [BKARTS] Comp and layout programs

Actually, things pertinent to book design is what I
joined the group for. I am in the production binding
environment and the artisan book stuff is beyond what
my shop can do. I am doing hard and perfect bindings
in runs up to 10,000 books and most of the runs are up
to 3,000 copies. We also do wire and saddle binding.
Our presses range from AB Dick 4995's and 99xx's to
Heidelburg Speedmaster 102's and a belt press.


> >While I agree that DTP programs and the like have a
> role in the book arts,
> >this is starting to get way off track. So, anyone
> working on any
> >interesting projects, stumped by anything in
> particular, been to any fab
> >workshops they'd like to report on...
> >
> >Thanks, p.
> >
> Thompson Conservation Lab.
> 7549 N. Fenwick
> Portland, Oregon  97217
> 503/735-3942  (ph/fax)
> http://www.teleport.com/~tcl
> "The lyfe so short; the craft so long to lerne."
> Chaucer  _Parlement of Foules_ 1386

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