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Re: [BKARTS] Accordion Fold Tutorials?


If you could email that to me, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

Chuck Videto
Applefire Books

Message text written by Book_Arts-L
>Artpaper.com has or had tutorials and one is on making an accordion fold
book.  I have not been able to find the tutorials lately, but I copied down
that one, so I could email it to you if you cannot find it.  It would be
good for students, because it includes a materials list, tools list and
lots of photos.  It is 3 pages and describes making one with 6-inch by
6-inch covers.  It is by Coral Jensen, owner of Artpaper Inc.

Funny that you bring it up because I'm working on one and emailed them
today asking a question about something I didn't understand.  (It's
well-written; I'm just new at this.)

Kathy Wolford, Mineral Springs, Pa., kathleenwolford@xxxxxxxxx<

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