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[BKARTS] starburst structure

Hey, Katie!
Don't cut all those little bits of paper! {I considered that, too}
Gluing all those triangles makes it much more difficult to control
warpiness and I didn't time, but believe it took longer that way.

To make one unit, you fold your square on the diagonals, vertically &
horizontally. Then cut with a razor/exacto from the center out, on, say
the bottom vertical. Then you change the direction of the folds {if need
be} to valley/mountain/valley/mountain...
{If I've been confusing, I could email a pdf drawing showing this
better, it really is easier than I've made it sound.}

And about the labor: you can slice more than one paper at a time {I may
have done 5 or so stacked}. Keep changing razors, and use the fold {as a
valley} to align them under your ruler perfectly {or else trouble}.
Depending on the size you want your square to be & how you're printing,
if you gang the squares, say 2 by 2 to a sheet, you can do once the fold
for twice the result (across 2 units) before cutting to size. {I
couldn't quite do this, but might have, had I a letterpress (sigh).}

Question: Does this structure have a recognized name?

Val Van Sice

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