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Re: [BKARTS] Grad school vs. Not

My experience is that if you like to do it, jump right in and start. Keith
Smith books are a good reference for learning on your own while you decide
how to further your studies. Also, there are no end of workshops to take
part in. Here is a good place to learn of them.

Have fun!

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From: Kseniya Thomas <thomask@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Monday, August 04, 2003 4:09 PM
Subject: Re: Grad school vs. Not

> Hi all.  Here's a question:  what is the best way to learn book design and
> production (both high and low volume; fine and otherwise) in your
> experiences?  I'm aware of the various MFA programs around the US, but it
> seems to me equally valuable to find a professional and get him or her to
> teach you the finer points.  How did the experts among you get where you
> today?  I'm preparing to break into the book-design world myself, and so
> sniffing out the various options.
> Many thanks and kind regards,
> Kseniya

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