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Re: [BKARTS] Grad school vs. Not


I do agree with you about working hard in the real world before
moving to a graduate degree. Yes, I've just graduated this past
term but I'm really concerned exactly with what you've said: I'd
prefer to spend a few more years studying while I'm still young
and have enough strength (in fact, fewer money problems).

I've focused my last years in college mainly in book/type design,
studying specific bibliography in the field but I didn't have proper
occasions to discuss most of it. While I've been reading Keith
Smith, Jost Hochuli, Hendel, Bringhurst, Tschichold, Hugh Williamson,
Adrian Wilson, among others, many of my classmates didn't even know
those names.

Maybe I really should spend some years working before moving into
a MA degree, but I'm just curious about listening to someone else's
opinion about everything I've been reading without discussing
deeply or knowing different approaches.

I've sent an e-mail to Robert Bringhurst asking about book design
schools/courses a few days ago and he told me that the Iowa Center
for the Book would be a nice place to start. Does anybody know it?

Best regards,

JV> Hi:

JV> When you say recently finished a degree, do you mean just this past term? I=
JV>  ask because I think one of the best things I did was to go into the work f=
JV> orce after my BA and begin working in graphic design. You will learn more a=
JV> nd grow up more in one or two years than you ever could in grad school, whe=
JV> n going to grad school immediately after getting your BA. (Now, this is jus=
JV> t my opinion, and not intended to step on anyone's toes who followed up the=
JV> ir BA with their MA right away!) For me, the day-to-day grpahic design work=
JV>  world --- where you aren't as protected from what it's like when deadlines=
JV>  are crashing in on you, lots of people have lots of demands, having to thi=
JV> nk really fast and move quickly while maintaining quality --- is invaluable=
JV> .=20

JV> On the other side, I, too, wish to pursue my graduate degree, but this is a=
JV> fter many years working. Maybe too many as I feel old now, but the point I =
JV> am trying to make is that you will learn alot from the work world, see what=
JV>  concessions you have to make to get by in that environment and maybe be be=
JV> tter able to sort out exactly which direction you wish grad studies to take=
JV> .

JV> And there are so many wonderful classes to take before you get to grad scho=
JV> ol, so there's always the opportunity to learn.

JV> As far as grad schools, I have investigated thus far, Philly and Hunter in =
JV> NYC have what I am looking for, but I know everyone's needs are different.

JV> Jennifer

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