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Book Lovers,

Due to popular demand Bookbinding I has been added to the Fall 2003 Line-up!

Register Now!

Bookbinding I
Jamie Thome
Mondays, October 6 - November 24
6 - 9

Close your eyes. (Okay, it¹s hard to read with your eyes closed. Read the
instructions, and then proceed.) Think back to your first book. Was it big,
small, red, green? Did it have pictures? Did you draw on the pictures with
blue crayon? Did you try to eat the book? Did you pretend you could read?
Did you love it? Imagine the thousands of books that came after this first
book. Every one was a world, a trip, and an experience. Each book came to
you fully formed, ready for you to burrow into it. Now imagine that you can
make your own book. It can be anything you want it to be. It will look like
a real book, but better. Now pick up the phone and sign up for Bookbinding
I. You¹ll learn about the history, tools and techniques of hand bookbinding,
about paper, cloth, boards, adhesives and methods of folding, sewing and
gluing. You will construct a variety of book structures, beginning with a
single sheet of paper and progressing to a multi-section hard cover blank
book. And it will be all yours, and you can make more any time you feel like
it. It¹s great.

Limit 10 $240 (Members $216) + $35 materials fee

Center for Book & Paper Arts
1104 S. Wabash, 2nd floor
Chicago, IL 60605

Tel 312/344-6630

Fax 312/344-8082

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