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[BKARTS] Behavior and Topics on List?

Why is it sinful? Can you not earn that much money (plus profit) by
publishing your formulas? Why can other folks, but not you? I'm not exactly
capitalism's biggest fan, but even I can answer the question of why Quark's
formula extension costs $650--because enough folks are willing to pay it. Is
there a better way of determining software prices?...Mark Wilden

Mark, I hope you are being facetious. Those "folks" in this case are
incorporated companies who take on dozens, if not hundreds, of book projects
for publishing houses. I would have thought that a subscriber to this list
would have a smidge of sympathy (or at least a tad of empathy) for a
self-publisher. Man, this has gone way off-topic. If the baby weren't
crying, I'd hunt for a bookarts-related bit to throw in here...Katy German

This is quite bookly-artsy! Folks have to make a living...Mark Wilden

While I agree that DTP programs and the like have a role in the book arts,
this is starting to get way off track. So, anyone working on any interesting
projects, stumped by anything in particular, been to any fab workshops
they'd like to report on...Thanks...Peter D. Verheyen

Actually, things pertinent to book design is what I joined the group for. I
am in the production binding environment and the artisan book stuff is
beyond what my shop can do...Silver MayKitten

Just trying to find what this Book Artist List is all about. There is a very
particular bent to the messages and thinking and I can't put my finger on
what that is all about...Ben Wiens

Ben, let me be honest here. I think you're being too analytical about all of
this. All related topics are welcome on this list, the "old" as well as the
"new."...Peter D. Verheyen

Peter did say now and in the past that most topics related to books are OK
to discuss. So what was off topic? Desktop publishing programs are used in
making books. Perhaps the flavor of the discussion?

Some people hate discussing things when there are differences in opinion
involved. When I discussed hot issues on this list in the past, Peter often
shut these down. I got several people on the list congratulating Peter on
shutting these topics down. I got quite a few private messages saying how
much they were enjoying the topic. Of course Peter has a tough job. About
75% of the population or more doesn't like controversial topics. Some people
absolutely love them. When I am talking to actual people, I first get a feel
for what their tolerance is. Then I tailor my conversation to them. Can't do
that on the list. It's a problem. Of course one can go off list, but that
limits the possible participants severely.

It is widely suggested by experts that not wanting to discuss issues that
need to be discussed is a form of "dysfunctionality". But with 75% of the
population or more not wanting to discuss things, being dysfunctional is
considered to be "normal". Now people who are  "functional" according to
experts are "not normal". And then some claim that these issues don't need
to be discussed. Experts also agree that too much negative thinking among
people makes them depressed and not happy. So people that don't want to
discuss things are trying to be happy in the best way they know. If too many
people are negative towards people that are negative then that is pretty
negative too. But people that are discussing issues find they often learn a
lot. Man, with all these issues, it is amazing that we all sort of get along
in the world and on this list.

What are the tricks to acceptable communication on this list or for that
matter everyday life? Any how could we discuss this without being off topic?
Here are some suggestions. A few ideas of how to get along on this list
might be tolerated. Famous quotes from interesting books on this topic,
include printing and binding details of the book of course. Artist books and
especially Illustrated books that deal with this topic, state year and style
and personality of the author. Real life examples of how real people have
diffused difficult situations during the course of making books? Some book
related humor relating to this topic? How spouse's were upset at someone
being fanatical about books and how this situation was diffused, or should I
add wasn't? No need to state names or reveal identities. How good books have
been ruined while in a state of anger at someone and how to avoid that in
the future. What usual damage results when books are thrown at people?

Ben Wiens...applied energy scientist
Energy Website: www.benwiens.com

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