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Re: [BKARTS] Behavior and Topics on List?

This may not answer all (or any?) of Ben's questions, but....


Writing in 1898 Kenneth Grahame noted that:

"As a general rule, the man in the habit of murdering bookbinders,
  though he performs a distinct service to society, only wastes his own
  time and takes no personal advantage"

In 1904 he expanded on that thought, perhaps because some book had still
not been completed/delivered:

"Not in that he bindeth books - for the fair binding is the final crown
and flower of painful achievement - but because he bindeth not: because
the weary weeks lapse by and turn to months, and the months to years, and
still the binder bindeth not: and the heart grows sick with hope deferred.

Each morn the maiden binds her hair, each spring the honeysuckle binds
the cottage porch, each autumn the harvester binds his sheaves, each
winter the iron frost binds lake and stream, and still the binder bindeth

Then a secret voice whispereth: 'Arise, be a man, and slay him!  Take him
grossly, full of bread, with all his crimes broadblown as flush as May;
at gaming, swearing, or about some act that hath no resish of salvation
in it!'

But when the deed is done, and the floor strewn with fragments of binder -
still the books remain unbound..."

Lament to a Bookbinder, 1904


>Real life examples of how real people have
>diffused difficult situations during the course of making books? Some book
>related humor relating to this topic? How spouse's were upset at someone
>being fanatical about books and how this situation was diffused, or should I
>add wasn't? No need to state names or reveal identities. How good books have
>been ruined while in a state of anger at someone and how to avoid that in
>the future. What usual damage results when books are thrown at people?
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