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Re: [BKARTS] Behavior and Topics on List?

on 8/6/03 2:58 PM, Ben Wiens at ben@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> How good books have been ruined while in a state of anger at someone and how
> to avoid that in the future. What usual damage results when books are thrown
> at people?

Loud laughter here in Cancun. This is definitely book art. One could film
the act itself and sell the video, thereby merging book art and performance

More to the point (or sea of points in your as always comprehensive
message), I feel very strongly that anything related to books and making
them should be welcome on this list, as long as folks are civil.

Maybe Peter could reconsider a bit. I enjoy everything I read on this list,
even the messages that people later apologize for. Most books now begin in
layout programs. Why is it off-topic to discuss that in the same detail as
-- to me -- abstruse topics such as Coptic bindings?

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