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[BKARTS] Archival book paper for laser

For those of you have been following the saga, I am about to put Mad
Laughter to bed in the creative sense. Now begins the production.

I am going to print it here on Xerox digital equipment in black-only and
full-color versions. I need a very white 100% acid-free matte non-coated
text sheet (and matching cover) with excellent opacity. It can't be too
thick, as the book currently now stands at 384 5.5" x 8.5" pages. The text
block must be less than 3/4" in order for me to be able to print two covers
on a 13x18 sheet.

I do not want a handmade or very expensive paper, just one that will satisfy
archival requirements and have the correct reading and handling
characteristics. It should be one that's widely available, as I am in
Cancun, Mexico, and hope to be able to order it from a local distributor,
who will probably get it from Mexico City.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. I've looked online but the
offering is bewilderingly extensive, and I have no way of evaluating the
various claims.

JULES SIEGEL http://www.cafecancun.com/bookarts/jsiegel.htm
Apdo 1764 77501-Cancun Q. Roo Mexico 1[52-998]883-3629

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