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[BKARTS] Replacing gauges on etching press

I teach printmaking at a university that has a Charles Brand etching
press. It is electric. Instead of gauges to determine the pressure
settings there are only these turn screws ( I don't know exactly what
to call them). But they are difficult to work with as you are always
guessing if the pressure is even on both sides of the press. I would
have to get the roller all the way down to the press bed and slowly
count the turns on each turn screw so that I would know it was level.
Then I'd have to adjust for the blankets and plate. But its all
guesswork. There are these nut like things which are supposed to hold
the handle in place once you have the pressure set. But I notice- by
sighting along the press bed and the roller- that it is constantly
not level. At first I blamed the students for setting the press wrong
but later realized that no one was using the press at the time. I
wonder if anyone knows if it is possible to replace these handles
with the more convenient and easily read handles that have the
numbers on them.
Thank you
Julie Friedman

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