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Re: [BKARTS] Brand press

Julie, It's not necessary to replace the turn screws, only to have them
If you are in the Northeast call Perry Tymeson, in NJ or contact him at
suitcasepress@xxxxxxxxxxxxx for
help with a Brand press (repairs, refittings, etc.)
In the mean-time, set the pressure like this. With a sheet of damp
newprint folded in quarters and an uninked
etching plate of the same thickness you will use to print, set up
blankets and get close to a loose setting by
rolling (on top of plate and blankets) 1/2 turn at a time down to where
the rollers have hold of the plate.
Then roll through and examine the newsprint for even dampness/dryness
left and right.
Tighten down 1/4 turn one side at a time (rolling the plate through
each time)
to find the place where the newprint comes through the press with even
dryness left and right.
The part of the paper on top of the plate will look dry and the margins
will remain damp (darker).
You can easily see the pressure in the way the newsprint comes through.
If you are mechanically inclined you could try and recalibrate the
pressure yourself but to be safe, hire someone
competent to do it and watch carefully...It will need to be done every
semester if you plan to use the numbers
on the press for reference.  Those presses need service about once to
twice a year.  If you have the budget hire Perry,
he will show you how to do it yourself next time, if you are so
Good luck.--Cara

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