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[BKARTS] NPR story on RBS

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Jacki Lyden of National Public Radio spent Monday evening, 4 August, and
much of Tuesday, August 5th, at Rare Book School. While at UVa she attended
Leon Jackson's excellent Monday night lecture in the Dome Room of the
Rotunda, interviewed Daniel Pitti and Jan Storm van Leeuwen about the RBS
courses they're teaching this week, listened in while Paul Needham worked
on his Latin transcription homework with Albert Derolez (PN is here as a
student this week), visited an Intro to Descriptive Bibliography Museum
(and spoke with its curator Melissa Mead), talked to John Buchtel while he
demonstrated printing on the common press, took a tour of some of the RBS
teaching collections (Boy Scout manuals; St Jerome; the MusicWriter
typewriter), and interviewed students.

Her story on RBS will air nationally this Sunday afternoon, 10 August, on
"All Things Considered."

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