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Re: [BKARTS] corner repair


Another method for an aesthetically pleasing result, is to cover the
corner (under the lifted orginal material) with a thick Japanese paper,
like Sekishu, and then tone it with thinned out acrylic paint to match
the original. (use thin methylcellulose to water down the paint, or use
Golden fluid acrylics)

Or vice versa, tone, and then apply to corner. This is sometimes better,
because then you can see the color when it is dry, before putting it on
the book.

Then, when it's all dry and the original material is pasted back down,
cover the corner with SC 6000 (from Bookmakers) to harden and protect the
corner from wear. SC 6000 is an acrylic polymer and wax emulsion.

Jae Carey

> Date:    Mon, 11 Aug 2003 15:03:14 -0700
> From:    Ben Colborn <colborn@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: corner repair
> But those leave me wondering about the covering material. I can certainly
> re-cover the corners in paper or cloth, but that could look not very
> pleasing while being perfectly functional. I'm also not sure how amenable
> the endsheets would be to lifting. Does anyone have a suggestion about
> the
> covering material, and how I should go about applying it?

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