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Re: [BKARTS] Sappho's Leap

Dear Richard,

This is very beautiful work. Congratulations.

I have a question regarding the use of the scroll.  I thought that it was
the practice to have two scroll spindles, so that the text could be rolled
up on one while being unrolled from the other.  I imagine that these
reading spindles could be supplied separately from the text, as they were
useful only during reading.  I see that you supply only the storage
spindle, very conveniently arranged.  What is your intention regarding the
reading of the text?

Gavin Stairs

At 11:53 AM 14/08/2003 -0400, Richard Minsky wrote:
I'm happy to report that my new bindery is now in operation in Stockport,
NY. The first new binding is Erica Jong's current novel, Sappho's Leap,
which is bound as a scroll with papyrus "endpaper." The papyrus is printed
byt inkjet with a "fragment" of Sappho's text. You can see it, with some
detail images, at


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