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Re: [BKARTS] enviro-friendly cleaners

> I'm just starting out w/ a small Kelsey press.  I vaguely remember a more
> experienced letterpress friend tell me she used an orange solvent as an
> alternative cleanser for her rollers and type.  Has anyone tried this, and
> can you give me brand names/strengths/other tips?  I'm printing in my
> basement and don't want a lot of fumes in the house OR my lungs!

 As a beginning small letterpress outfit (working in a small space), we've
just bought some "California Wash" by a company called Varn: "A water
miscible wash that cleans well without strong solvency, and is pleasant to
use...no vile odors...no strong irritating vapors emitted into the pressroom
atmosphere. Can be mixed with 20% to 30% water for economy." Not sure if
it's citrus-based or not, but it's supposed to be safe, environmentally
friendly and won't melt your brain. We just got it in the mail, so we
haven't actually used it yet... However, I'm sure it's better than

Got it from Boxcar Press, $23 a gallon, $10 to ship it.


Anna B

Anna Birch
Queen Oscar Designs
online at http://www.queenoscar.com/

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