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Re: [BKARTS] enviro-friendly cleaners

I may be old fashioned, but I'm leery of using any type of water soluble
solvent with metal machinery or type. It's too easy to overlook a few drops
here or there and before you know it you have rust and corrosion everywhere.

I use baby oil, which is mineral oil with scent added. I use the baby oil
just like any other solvent, sometimes putting it on a rag and wiping the
rollers/press, or just adding it to the ink disk and letting the rollers run
through a few cycles. This will distribute the oil into the rollers and
dissolve most of the ink. Then I wipe off the baby oil and most of the ink,
and do a final clean up to get the oil off with odorless mineral spirits.
The baby oil gets 99% of the ink, and the final wash is really just to
remove the baby oil, which if not removed will affect the next inking.

You can also use vegetable oil, but I'm leery of that too since it's organic
and could go rancid. Don't want the shop to end up smelling like a cheap
Chinese restaurant...

Katie Harper

 on 8/18/03 1:44 PM, Miranda Deborah A at mirandda@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm just starting out w/ a small Kelsey press.  I vaguely remember a more
> experienced letterpress friend tell me she used an orange solvent as an
> alternative cleanser for her rollers and type.  Has anyone tried this, and
> can you give me brand names/strengths/other tips?  I'm printing in my
> basement and don't want a lot of fumes in the house OR my lungs!
> thanks,
> Deborah
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> Deborah A. Miranda
> Pacific Lutheran University
> Dept. of English
> Tacoma WA 98447
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Katie Harper
Ars Brevis Press
Cincinnati, OH

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