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Re: [BKARTS] enviro-friendly cleaners

I buy citrus cleaner at my local bicycle shop. Lot's of people use it for
cleaning bicycle chains. Doesn't clean quite as well as gasoline, but may
clean well enough in your case.

Ethyl alcohol has also recently become available now in many drugstores at
95% alcohol and 5% OK to apply to the skin chemical denaturants. It is a
variation of rubbing alcohol. Alcohol is great because it evaporates leaving
no wet residue to clean up.

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-----Original Message-----
I'm just starting out w/ a small Kelsey press.  I vaguely remember a more
experienced letterpress friend tell me she used an orange solvent as an
alternative cleanser for her rollers and type.  Has anyone tried this, and
can you give me brand names/strengths/other tips?  I'm printing in my
basement and don't want a lot of fumes in the house OR my lungs!


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