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Re: [BKARTS] Help me make mini 2x3" wedding albums!

Rolland, I checked out your website that shows how you are trying to make
the albums. I take it that each 4x6 picture is folded in half and then each
page is glued to another, making the pages twice as thick as the prints. Wow
that is a lot of work. I think children's books are sometimes made this way.
Is there a reason why the pages have to be glued together? Do you want the
thickness. Is that more durable than individual pages glued together in the
spine? Is it not possible to have prints printed on both sides of the paper?
Are you only using photographic printing and not ink-jet printing? Are you
only using standard 4x6 prints or could you print larger prints and cut them

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-----Original Message-----
I made a little web page that show the difficulties I am having making
some mini 2x3" wedding albums. Please take a look at:


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