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Re: [BKARTS] Help me make mini 2x3" wedding albums!

As I see it, this is a twofold problem. Firstly you are attempting to use a process of bookbinding called 'perfect binding'. Secondly you have only printed on one side of the paper and therefore the backs (blank sides) are being pasted together.
My suggestion would be to print on both side of the paper and then sew the sections.
Is this practical from your point of view ?
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  Subject: [BKARTS] Help me make mini 2x3" wedding albums!

  I made a little web page that show the difficulties I am having making
  some mini 2x3" wedding albums. Please take a look at:


  I've copied the text from my web site below, but it doesn't make too
  much sense without the pictures to go along with it! So please visit my
  web page and then give me some input.

  Thanks in advance for any help you can give me on this project.
  Sincerely, Rolland Elliott

  These top two pictures show the type of books I am paying a supplier to
  manufacture. I want to try making these books on my own. Basically the
  supplier takes my 4x6 pictures and folds them in half. Sticks them
  together with photo mount spray and has a binding solely comprised of a
  bit of binding fabric tape, going the length of the spine. He finishes
  them off by cutting about 1/2" off each of the three edges, top, bottom
  and right side. This requires a margin of 1/2" of white space around the
  photos. That is latter cut off.  I'd rather not have this margin that is
  simply cut off and wasted, and maximize my print area. The manufactured
  book is about 1& 3/4" by 2 & 1/2".
  My current method of production is below, but I need your input on how
  to improve it!
  I start off with a bunch of 4x6 pictures that I have my lab print out
  for me.  I fold all of these pictures in half. as shown below and stack
  them up in the right order for my mini album.

  Next I tap the stack of folded pages so the folded edges are aligned and
  place them in a vise.  I then take a can of photo spray mount and flip
  through the pages to apply it to all the the pages. the back of the book
  is now sealed together, but the front of the book in the vise stays
  closed and needs to be sealed somehow. So......

  I have to take the book out of the vise, and manually paint on some
  adhesive.  This is time consuming and messy. Any ideas on how to get all
  the pages glued together more efficiently? I have tried lining all the
  pages up upside down like this:   ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^  and spraying adhesive
  on their back white side and manually putting the pictures back
  together, but the back spine of the book gets all crooked/uneven.

  Lastly I need someway to trim all the edges and make a nice smooth book.
  I tried using a dremel tool with a wide sanding disk. That didn't work
  too well. The tool started burning the edges half way through the cut..
  Tried an xacto blade knife and a ruler and needless to say the blade
  started riding up on the page and the cut was a disaster. I need to trim
  about 1/16 minimum from three sides. If I had to I could trim as much as
  1/2" from the sides.  The sides need to be trimmed because photo mount
  spray squeezes out and gets on the edges of the pages causing them to
  stick. The final book is about 40 pages tall, or 1/2" thick. I'm trying
  to decide whether to buy a

  Martin Yale 7000E  commercial-quality, tabletop paper cutter or a
  vertical plough from www.talasonline.com

  Someone has the vertical plough used for around $400, but the Martin is
  available for $250 or so used. Also thought maybe a belt sander would
  I'm not really sure which one to go with. Again I will be using it to
  cut a stack of about 40  4x6" photos at a time. No mouting board, just a
  stack of photos.
  These books will be practically given away to customer's that hire me as
  their wedding photographers. Their purpose is more for marketing than
  anything else. Young ladies stick them in their purse and SHOW their
  friends all the cool pictures I take (that's the theoretical plan).   I
  get my main books handcrafted by an austrailian album company. I
  consider the main books works of art, but these little mini albums are
  going to be tossed around like a bunch of snapshots. I want to be able
  to make them cheap, and give the bride a dozen or so. Right now I'm
  paying about $32 a piece for them. If I made them myself they would cost
  $4 in materials and if I figgure my time is $30/hr and I could make
  maybe 6 an hour, another $5 in labor a piece; total price $9 a piece.
  So again if anyone can help me bind these things more effciently and
  also what machine or method I should use for trimming the sides I would
  really appreciate it! You can email me below or send you message to the
  list at:
  Thanks Rolland

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