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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 15 Aug 2003 to 16 Aug 2003 (#2003-225)

I make a lot of paste paper and have a very simple method that I've
adapted from one taught by Emily Martin. I use high quality acrilyc
paint and add one glop of methyl cellulose(about a tablespoon) to
about 1/2 cup paint that's been mixed with water to the consistency
of cream. I adjust with a little water or a little methyl cellulose
to get the consistency I want. I usually paint on Canson's Mei Tiens
(sp?). You can also varnish the dry paper with Liquitex Matte
Varnish for extra protection. But frankly, I don't think it makes
much difference - and the Liquitex is expensive. These papers work
beautifully to cover board for book covers or boxes. Good luck and
enjoy! Ellen

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> Hi List,

I made a lot of paste paper that I tried to use to cover books, but I
it did not work well.  I made the paste from wallpaper paste and acrylic
 I put it on a weighty printmaking paper.  So those might be reasons why
cracked on the corners.  Someone told me to put glycerin in the mix and I
tried that, but it didn't work very well the one time I did it.  Maybe I
in too much or something.  Anyone have any tips on how to do it better


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