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[BKARTS] parchment making workshop

This workshop is sponsored by the New England Chapter of the Guild of Book

A Two-Day Field Trip to the Richard E. Meyer & Sons Tannery
in Montgomery, NY
Friday and Saturday, September 19-20, 2003

³That stouffe that we wrytte upon: & is made of beestis skynnes: is sometyme
called parchment/ sometyme velem/ somtyme abortyve/ somtyme membraan.²
-Vulgaria uiri doctissimi Guil Hormani, 1519

Parchment, or vellum, is one of the oldest and most durable of bookbinding
materials, both as a covering material and as a text support. It was the
principle "plastic" material of the Middle Ages, and remains one of the
strongest, most sensuous, and most archival of natural materials available
to the bookbinder and calligrapher.  Its alkalinity makes it an ideal
material for conservation purposes.  Join the New England Chapter as we make
a field trip to the Richard E. Meyer & Sons Tannery, where we will spend two
days producing vellum. On Friday we will be involved in "wet work", taking
the fresh skins through the dehairing stage to the point of stretching and
scraping them on the frame. We will also learn about the dyeing process. 
Saturday will be spent on the "dry work", the finishing processes of the
skins, and will end with sanding the skins to proper thickness and trimming.
We will also get a tour of the complete Tannery facilities. Jesse Meyer's
family has been in the leather tannery business for 450 years. They have
been tanning in this country since the early 1800's, and since the 1500's in
Germany. Jesse brought his lineage and expertise into the craft of parchment
making.  For years he has been the leading parchment maker in the United

This event is both a unique opportunity and a rare bargain. Every
participant will come away with two vellum skins: one dyed goatskin and one
fair calf.

Montgomery, NY is located an hour and a half from New York City. Carpooling
will be arranged from Boston and other areas. A list of B & B's and hotels
will be provided for those wishing to stay over Friday night.

A preview of Jesse's parchment making facilities can be seen at his website:

The workshop fee is: $160. The Materials fee is: $35.  To register please
contact the New England Chapter Events Coordinator, Barry Spence, at
<bspence@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> or call 413-625-2980.

 Eric Alstrom
 Publicity Chair & WebBinder
 Guild of Book Workers

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