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Macs are not necessarily immune to viruses; they just are not often the
targets. It's no fun to inconvenience such a small percentage of users! And
OSX is supposed to be even more secure because of its Unix base.

Just because you are getting the bounce-back messages does not mean you have
the virus. Some of these viruses manifest themselves by attaching to someone
on your email list and then sending out emails FROM all the people on THEIR
address list. If you are on the address list, then you will see lots of
bounceback messages about email that you have not sent. You may notice a
spate of bounce-back messages just after you have sent a message to someone
who is infected, or posted on a list or visited a particular website.

You can learn more about how these viruses and worms work by visiting
Symantec's website, among others.

Whenever I get a boat load of bounceback messages I just delete all the
bounceback messages and any other messages that appear to be bogus, and wait
it out.

Katie Harper

on 8/19/03 8:11 PM, Jane Conneen at LFarmPress@xxxxxxx wrote:

> I also must have some kind of a virus and I have a MAC too. I thought MACs
> were immune to viruses!
> So far, I have received twenty to twenty five Mailer Daemon messages - all
> false messages. Has this happened to anyone else? And does anyone know what to
> do about it?
> I have no idea what to do about it but, if it continues tomorrow, I will call
> the MAC store and see if they have a solution.
> Does anyone else have this problem? You probably shouldn't open anything from
> the   Mailer Daemon unless you are pretty sure where it might come from
> Jane Conneen
> Lfarmpress@xxxxxxx

Katie Harper
Ars Brevis Press
Cincinnati, OH

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