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It's not your Mac. Mailer Daemon is a catchall from the server that=20
received a "bounced" message from your mail host. It's telling you

the address it was bounced back to is not real. This is standard=20
procedure for SPAM and viruses. Just delete the message.

There's also the LoveSan and Blaster virus going around so your mail=20
server is probably bouncing them back and you're getting the rebound.=20
Again, just delete them. And don't forget to "empty" the trash, too!

Another virus, or worm, in this case a "good" worm is hitting the=20
internet now, too. I've been getting tons of messages sent through=20
various aliases I have for websites I care for. They all have=20
attachments with the extension *.pif. I delete them before they ever=20
hit my computer or bounce them if they manage to sneak through.

It comes with a subject line that changes but usually is something

"Your application" or "Records", or something that looks legitimate.

So beware the *.pif attachment! Delete or bounce away!


On Tuesday, August 19, 2003, at 08:11 PM, Jane Conneen wrote:

I also must have some kind of a virus and I have a MAC too. I thought
were immune to viruses!

So far, I have received twenty to twenty five Mailer Daemon messages -
false messages. Has this happened to anyone else? And does anyone know
what to
do about it?

I have no idea what to do about it but, if it continues tomorrow, I
will call
the MAC store and see if they have a solution.

Does anyone else have this problem? You probably shouldn't open
anything from
the   Mailer Daemon unless you are pretty sure where it might come from

Jane Conneen

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