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Re: [BKARTS] Help me make mini 2x3" wedding albums!

Here are my ideas on making your wedding albums. Hmm, I might try making
some mini albums myself. Sounds like a neat idea. And yes photographic
prints are amazingly cheap:

   1. Make 4x6 inch photographic prints printed one side, no border.
   2. Score the backside of the prints down the center with a simple jig.
This will allow the prints to fold more cleanly and evenly. Fold in half
with pictures inward.
   3. Make a simple lying press. This is two blocks 2.9 inches high with
horizontal threaded rods, wing nuts. The lying press in this case will lay
right on top of a smooth table top surface or rigid sheet.
   4. Stuff an album full of folded prints into the lying press with folded
edge down. Now 0.1 inches of front edges stick up past top edge of lying
press jaws. Tamp down to line up the folds against the table top. Line up
   5. Use a hot melt glue gun and lay down two areas of glue on the front
edge wiggling back and forth 0.5 inches wide. This will temporarily bind the
front edge together. Seems like an extra step but speeds up the gluing,
allows you to use the full size of the prints, and allows for good glue
coverage easily right to the front edge. The front edge needs to be securely
   6. Remove the pages from the press. Now you can fan the pages 360 degrees
into a circle evenly exposing the page sides to be glued. Spray glue on all
the pages in one operation.
   7. Clamp the pages in the lying press to bind the pages together. Some
glue will squeeze out the sides. Wipe excess from the spine portion.
   8. Remove the album when glue has set long enough. Likely fast set glue
will adhere instantly. Apply binding tape to the spine.
   9. Trim the albums with a guillotine. I've tried sanding, grinding,
sawing, rotary knives, and other techniques. I think if you can get a used
guillotine it's the way to go. I just got one. It's fast and designed for
production. And no paper dust in the air. Paper dust can be really
irritating. Guillotine be used for all kinds of other book like projects. My
guillotine can trim as little as 0.05 inches or even less off a book block.
Your albums could be up to 3.9 x 2.95 inches. Why waste good photographic
   10. If making multiple copies, do batches of albums in all steps except
clamping after gluing. Batching will save time.

Ben Wiens...applied energy scientist
Ben Wiens Energy Science Inc.
8-1200 Brunette Ave. Coquitlam BC V3K1G3 Canada
Energy Website: http://www.benwiens.com

-----Original Message-----
Thanks for all the replies about making my 2x3" wedding mini books.
Ben, the pages have to be glued together because I do not use inkjet
printers. The paper and ink from an inkjet printer could not handle the
rough handling these albums get. I have five inkjet printers, trust me
on this one.  I use traditional photo paper printed at a lab and that
can't be double sided. I also do not want to stitch the binding as that
would tear up the middle of the double page spreads.

I'm using standard 4x6 prints, folding in half to get 2x3"and  then
cutting them up. I guess I could get 8x12" prints made up, but they
would cost me $2.84 a piece and make only 4 book pages. On the other
hand I can get four 4x6's for $.80 total. I don't think the extra $2 is
worth the time I would save folding the pages individually. It would
raise my pricing from $4 per book to $14 per book, not good!

I think the intial suggestion of simply clamping the book up higher and
only having 1/4" in the vise is the best idea so far.  The book would
have to be printed smaller, but it would save tons of time. Gluing all
20 folded pictures is actually really quick. You simply spray while
flipping through the pages! Takes literally 10 or 20 seconds. The double
sided tape is a good idea, but time consuming.

Again thanks for the help and keep the ideas comming!

Peace, Rolland

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