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Re: [BKARTS] virus

on 8/21/03 10:16 PM, SRotolo at suzart6@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Can't help wondering how whoever it was, found this
> particular and rather remote group of people to spam so effectively....

It doesn't. It's generalized throughout the Internet. There's a higher
probability that people who know each other will get caught first, because
it looks through address books for email addresses to propagate from. By
now, however, it's just like a biological virus epidemic. Everyone's got the
bug. Even people who are on immune systems such as Mac or Linux are getting
sneezed on as messages spoofed from their email addresses bounce back to
them when rejected by the recipients servers.

Pity the mailing list administrators, who are getting hundreds of them an
hour and have to remove the bounces.

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