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Re: [BKARTS] Cloth or Paper Covers

In a message dated 8/18/03 4:55:23 PM, ben@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< I've examined thousands of production books of all types in libraries and

museums to get a feel for what lasts. Here is what I found:  >>>>>

Over the years, I have suggested to colleagues that while laboratory research
and accelerated aging of bookbinding materials, book structures and
treatments are helpful to our decision making, it would be helpful/useful to followup
on that research with an examination of books and other items that have
sustained normal wear and tear, and natural aging. Obviously, one has no control over
the number of times an item has been handled and to what extent, but the
examination of large quantities should give some sense of how well things
withstand the test of time.
I am not going to question or challenge your findings, but simply have a
question about how you came to the conclusions:
Have you kept a tally or record of the books that you have examined, or is it
simply a feeling, a mental tally, of the books that have been examined? --

Bill Minter
William Minter Bookbinding & Conservation, Inc.
Woodbury, PA
fax 814-793-4045

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