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This is a personal pursuit, obviously, but it seems to me that removing these
tickets from the books that they were placed in would be fairly damaging to any
future bibliographic work. Wouldn't keeping a record of which books contained
which tickets (and possibly collecting the images) while leaving the tickets in
place make more sense if you consider the needs of studying and understanding
the binding trade?

Doug Rice

> ------------------------------
> Date:    Fri, 22 Aug 2003 17:08:08 EDT
> From:    "Jonathan B. Pons" <jbpons@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Dear Fellow Book Artists,
> WANTED: BOOKBINDER'S TICKETS/LABELS - I am doing Research for a Book on the
> Bookbinder's Tickets and the Bookbinder's that they Represent. I want to
> Include Every Bookbinder who has Ever or is Currently Using a Paper
> Ticket/Label to "Sign" the Bindings that they Produced. I Need BOOKBINDER'S
> TICKETS/LABELS: from Any Country, Any State, Any City, and Any Binder (Design
> Variations are Wanted also). I Pay Very Well for Nice Early Tickets, as well
> as Collections of Tickets . I am also Interested in COLOUR PHOTOCOPIES of
> BOOKBINDER'S TICKET COLLECTIONS, so if you Collect them yourself, I will be
> More than Happy to Pay you to Colour Photocopy your Collection for me. I do
> have some Bookbinder's and several Bookseller's Tickets to TRADE if Anyone is
> Interested. Please do feel free to e-mail or write to me, I would Sincerely
> Appreciate Anyone's Assistance. Thank You.
> Yours,
> Jonathan B. Pons
> jbpons@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> P.O. BOX 1465
> U.S.A.
> ------------------------------

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