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Re: [BKARTS] Question about cover paper, etc

When I make post albums I usually cover the hinge area with cambric
before covering the boards with the marbled papers like you described.
The cambric reinforcement is covered by the pretty paper and provides
an unseen hinge support.  I use marbled papers that use acrylic paints
or that use Sumi inks - these are very flexible papers - but as you
mentioned, they are thin and thus the cambric underlaying support.  Hope
that helps.
Sue Clancy

Nisa wrote:

I'm making my first screw post bound book using
bookcloth to cover and marble paper for the inside
cover sheets and I've run into a problem already. The
top cover that will be bent back and forth the most
whenever someone looks at the book is very weak
already and I have no doubt that the paper will tear
in a very short amount of time.  What can I do to
reinforce the paper/cover so that tearing is minimal
or unnoticeable?  How can I prevent this problem the
next time I make a book like this?  I worked the paper
when the glue was wet into the space between the spine
and the main cover board as instructed and even made
sure that the cover was flexible when bending before
weighting down the covers and drying them, but I
wonder if my mistake was using this thin marble paper
for the cover paper?


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