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Dear Doug and Everyone,

     Thank You for getting back to me about my request. I want you
     All to know that I Agree with you Wholeheartedly, I Firmly
     Believe that Any Bookseller's or Bookbinder's Tickets that are
     in a Book Should Remain within the Book if it is in the Intact
     Original Binding, or if the Original Binding is Restorable. On
     the other hand, I Do Not Believe that a Bookbinder's Ticket
     should Remain in a Book that has been Re-Bound, Overly
     "Restored" or Changed in Any Manner that is Completely
     Different from the Original Bookbinder's Work, as this would
     Not be an Example of the Binder's Work, but his Ticket would
     Infer that it was... I have Unfortunately seen this on several

     So..., I am Not Advocating the Removal of Any Bookbinder's or
     Bookseller's Tickets from Any Book that is an Example of a
     Binding Produced by the Binder who "Signed" it, to me and All
     other Bibliophiles, this would be a Crime. I also Agree with
     you that a Record of a Bookbinder's Work: the Tools and Rolls
     that they used, the Style of the Binding, as well as Any other
     Notable Techniques that would Help to Identify a Binder, should
     be Compiled, and is being Compiled by a Gentleman at Princeton
     University - I Believe that he Intends to put these Records
     Online at somepoint, and I Hope that he does.

     What I am Requesting; is that Any Bookbinder who is Re-Binding
     or Custom Binding a Book that has a Bookbinder's Ticket in it,
     and the Customer or the Binder has No Interest in it and would
     typically Discard them as Trash, will they Please Save them and
     Send them to me, or Contact me and I will Purchase the Tickets
     from them??? I have heard from So Many Bookbinders who have
     told me that they typically Throw Away whatever Scraps they
     have left over (Including Bookbinder's Tickets) from the
     Re-Bindings that they do, not even Thinking about what they are
     doing. I want them to Think about it, I want All Bookbinders
     who do Re-Bindings for Universities or Individuals to Save
     these Tickets instead of Discarding them, it takes No More Time
     to Set them Aside than it does to Throw them Away, and they may
     even make a little Money for doing it!!! They will also be
     Helping me with my Research.

     You are Correct, a Ticket Alone will not Help you in Studying
     or Understanding the Binding Trade, or the Bookbinder himself.
     But, a Colour Catalogue Illustrating the Many Variations of
     Individual Binder's Tickets, Chronologically Ordered, with
     Annotated Biographical Information, will be of Use to
     Researchers in several areas: Provenance Research, Bookbinding
     History, Book Trade History, Trade Advertising, and in a small
     way the Evolution of Printing in Bookbinding. To give you an
     Example: I have 12 Very Different Tickets from the Italian
     Bookbinding Firm, Giovanni Rognoni (Circa 1860's to 1900's) -
     from Small Decorative Rectangular Tickets, to Relatively Plain
     Oval Tickets, to Large and Very Unusually Shaped Tickets; this
     Firm's Tickets Evolved every few years, Changing Colours, Type
     Fonts, Shapes and Sizes.

     I find these Changes Interesting: were they Influenced by
     Different Bookbinders, by the Social Standing of the Firm, by
     the Local Economy, by the Change in Fashion, or was it simply
     to make their Binder's Tickets more Noticable, thus an Evolving
     Advertising Gimmick??? Word of Mouth was only one way a
     Bookbinder's Skill was Communicated, a Bookbinder had to be
     Very Confident in his Abilities to "Sign" his Bindings when
     others might take Notice...

     Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I am Not Asking
     Anyone, Most Especially my Fellow Bookbinders and Bibliophiles,
     to Damage or Remove Any Bookbinder's Tickets from Any Books,
     other than the ones that they are Re-Binding, Custom Binding or
     Discarding. Many of the Tickets that I have are from
     Bookbinders who do Re-Bindings for Universities. Please do let
     me know if you Ever come across Any that you might find, as I
     will Most Certainly be Interested in them. Thank You once
     again. Please Take Care.

Yours Sincerely,
Jonathan B. Pons

On 23 Aug 2003 14:17 EDT you wrote:

> This is a personal pursuit, obviously, but it seems to me that removing these
> tickets from the books that they were placed in would be fairly damaging to any
> future bibliographic work. Wouldn't keeping a record of which books contained
> which tickets (and possibly collecting the images) while leaving the tickets in
> place make more sense if you consider the needs of studying and understanding
> the binding trade?
> Doug Rice
> > ------------------------------
> >
> > Date:    Fri, 22 Aug 2003 17:08:08 EDT
> > From:    "Jonathan B. Pons" <jbpons@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >
> > Dear Fellow Book Artists,
> >
> > WANTED: BOOKBINDER'S TICKETS/LABELS - I am doing Research for a Book on the
> > Bookbinder's Tickets and the Bookbinder's that they Represent. I want to
> > Include Every Bookbinder who has Ever or is Currently Using a Paper
> > Ticket/Label to "Sign" the Bindings that they Produced. I Need BOOKBINDER'S
> > TICKETS/LABELS: from Any Country, Any State, Any City, and Any Binder (Design
> > Variations are Wanted also). I Pay Very Well for Nice Early Tickets, as well
> > as Collections of Tickets . I am also Interested in COLOUR PHOTOCOPIES of
> > BOOKBINDER'S TICKET COLLECTIONS, so if you Collect them yourself, I will be
> > More than Happy to Pay you to Colour Photocopy your Collection for me. I do
> > have some Bookbinder's and several Bookseller's Tickets to TRADE if Anyone is
> > Interested. Please do feel free to e-mail or write to me, I would Sincerely
> > Appreciate Anyone's Assistance. Thank You.
> >
> > Yours,
> > Jonathan B. Pons
> >
> > jbpons@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >
> > P.O. BOX 1465
> > COLUMBIA, MISSOURI 65205-1465
> > U.S.A.

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