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Re: [BKARTS] form

The key is to acknowledge the copyright.  As such there is not, I
believe, an exact format to follow.  If you look at books that have
passages from poems, songs, etc. in them, the acknowledgement often
comes on a forepiece, it may be in a colophon or afterword, or even at
the bottom of a page in a smaller type.  I believe you should design the
acknowledgement to fit the context and review that with the author.
Good luck.

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Hello list,

I know there is has been a mountain of information on copyright.
However, my
question goes to form. I have permission from the author to use his poem
an artist book. The poem comes from a collection published in 2003. Is
a specific method of listing the copyright? For instance, does one give
name of the author, then a "c" in a circle, then "from" and give the
name of
the book? Or does one spell out copyright and give the year of the book?
Both the poet and I are looking for clarity on this. Any help will be
greatly appreciated. As it happens, the title of the poem is at the top
the all on one page book and would be redundant to list again at the
of the same page.

Much thanks, A.

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