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Re: [BKARTS] Service/Foundry type

In a message dated 8/27/03 2:16:38 PM, levybooks@xxxxxxxxx writes:

<< Service type is a slightly different alloy, allowing more heat to be used
before it would become too soft, like foundry type.  >>

I think that Service Type is more of a zinc alloy, whereas Foundry Type is a
lead alloy.
I have experienced twenty year old, heavily used Service Type that was the
exact height as a new font. Foundry type would be lucky to last twenty
Unfortunately, Service Type is not the most attractive type face. I inquired
about better designs, but was told that they had to justify something like 500
fonts being sold.
There is (was) a nice service type in Europe, but the secondary counter is
too shallow for leather stamping -- it is useable if done carefully.

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