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Re: [BKARTS] Service/Foundry type


I have been using Service Type, foundry type, and brass type for nearly forty
five years. The Service Type which I said before, is a zinc alloy is nearly
indestructable. Brass type is also hard but I have damaged some by dropping it
on a concrete floor. Foundry type, (lead, tin and antimony) though much softer
will last a lifetime (in golstamping) if properly used. My dad bought some
used foundry type in 1955. It has been in constant use since the. Only a few
pieces have been damaged by use. The type I speak of is all 12 point or larger.
Smaller sizes get ruined almost with the first use. Even with that, it is still
a bargain. I can go through nearly ten fonts of foundry type before spending
the cost of one brass font.

By the way. That European "Service Type" was call Mazak. It too was zinc and
came in a wide variety of tyles.

Ed Stansell
Craft Bookbinding Co.

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