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Re: [BKARTS] printing photographs

Well for starters she needs a good color laser printer
in the ultra (13X19") format. I recommend the Xerox
Phaser 7300. Xerox will recommend a paper for her.

She will also need a good, high end Macintosh computer
and publishing software, at a minimum Quark XPress and

If she doesn't have a good scanner allready he needs
to get one that at a minimum meets the specifications
of the Creo EverSmart Supreme. (Formerly Deluxe)


If he intends to have the books printed by offset he
will also need a high capacity Zip drive. Check with
your intended printer before buying to get the right

If she intends to print by offset, then she should
contact me off list at MayKitten@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx to
discuss her options and desires, but I would recommend
a package consisting of a Plateware PlateStreamColor+
plate maker and the  AB Dick 4995-ICS 4/C press as the
proper combination of products, she will also ned a
colator with booklet-maker.



If he goes with laser printed product, He will need a
tabletop booklet-maker and paper cutter, both
available from Dependable Printer Supply.

--- Transient Books <alexandmagu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hello all, I have a wedding photographer who has
> been in touch with me. She is looking for ways to
> print wedding photographs and text in a book format,
> to then have bound into custom wedding books for her
> clients. Since I did not have answers to all her
> questions, I told her I would post her inquiry
> to this list serv. I know she would appreciate any
> info you all can help her out with.
> These are her questions:
> " For printing photographs for a book resulting in a
> print equivalent in quality to a coffee-table
> photography book print:
> what are the recommendations for:
> 1. The printer type
> 2. Resolution of the printer
> 3. Paper type (some sort of semi-glossy paper thin
> enough to be able to flip the page, but thick enough
> to be able to print on both sides of the page)
> 4. Paper thickness
> 5. Recommendation for a printing service in the US?"
> Again, please reply here: stefanka@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Thanks!
> Alex Appella
> www.transientbooks.com

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